Waterborne impact resistance is as good as solventborne? I don’t think so!

Then think again.

You won’t be surprised to learn that manufacturers in the earthmoving, construction, rock crushing and signal warning industries place a high value on ensuring that the coatings they use for their products can withstand regular impact resistance. After all, that’s exactly what they are likely to experience!

However, the fact that many of those same manufacturers are confidently turning to waterborne DTM’s such as Selemix WB Single Stage instead of a traditional solventborne coatings because of their inherent impact resistance properties may be a revelation.

The truth is that waterborne DTM’s now deliver outstanding impact resistance.

We were so confident that we ran a 22 tonne fork lift truck over a panel painted with Selemix WB Single Stage.

The result? Completely unaffected!

And whilst we don’t suggest you go to those lengths, the point remains; if you’re concerned about impact resistance, don’t be concerned about using a waterborne system.