Well-prepared for the future with SELEMIX®

The customer

Nyholms Lack & Bläster is a Swedish company established and managed by Stefan Nyholm. Since its beginnings in 1991 the company´s main activities have focused on “Lack”, a Swedish word for paints, and “Bläster”, Swedish for shot blasting (applications), with varying business models. In 2018, Stefan Nyholm decided to expand the business and established a 1,000 square meter paint shop, including both a division for car refinish paint jobs and for light industry coating.

Nyholms Lack & Bläster´s industrial section works with customers from the local industry, such as manufacturers of snowplows or tilt-rotators, for example. For those customers, the outsourcing of the paint process to a professional job coater pays off.       

The Challenge

During the last years, Stefan Nyholm was actively searching for an industrial waterborne paint system that could fulfill a variety of criteria. On the one hand, it should be a productive system that could air dry at 20°C over night, so that his painters would be able to handle the painted objects directly the next morning; on the other hand, the paint system needed to be environment-friendly, providing a healthier work environment to his employees.

Nyholms Lack & Bläster tested many different waterborne paint systems from several paint manufacturers, but the paint cycle of these systems turned out to be too long.                                                                                                        

The Solution

After having built the new paint shop, Nyholms Lack & Bläster decided to scan the market for suitable paint suppliers to serve their collision division. It was their nearby paint distributor ProChroma, who introduced Nyholms Lack & Bläster to PPG and who recommended the use of Selemix products for their industrial division.

Selemix 8-110 (Gloss) and 8-111 (Matt) are two-component waterborne acrylic coatings that can be applied directly to 

well-prepared steel, galvanized steel, phosphate steel, or aluminum surfaces without the need of a traditional primer. Besides, the system has very good resistance to weathering, chemical and mechanical stress and can be applied under various conditions.

Anders Vikstöm, CT/ LIC Technician at PPG Refinish Scandinavia, who was involved in the testing process at Nyholms Lack & Bläster comments: “We tested SELEMIX® Single Stage over several months in the winter period. The customer was thrilled to see that the 8-110 fulfilled the whole criteria list and that it could be optimized for the 2K high-pressure spraying equipment.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The Results

Founder Stefan Nyholm is already pleased with the results so far: "I am confident that waterborne systems will be used more frequently in the industry in the future. With the Selemix 8-110 we have taken an important strategic decision. In the beginning, spraying with a waterborne system was a little bit different compared to solventborne systems, but now that we have learned how to use it, it feels quite easy to work with. We thank the Selemix team and our distributor for their support and advice in this initial set-up period”.

The painters have gotten used to the new system quickly after its installation and already commented on their work environment becoming better due to the odorless and solvent-free system, resulting in fewer sick days.

With PPG and Selemix Nyholms Lack & Bläster feels prepared for their expansion plans in the future.


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